About Us

Trusted Habitat is an Australian firm, connected globally with thought leaders and experts in the areas of digital transformation and the reduction of risk when sharing sensitive information in an online interconnected world.

The Trusted Habitat team are proven professionals with a history of providing digital and technology solutions and services to both public and private sector.

We love being told ‘no, you can’t do that’ and then making it happen.

Trusted Habitat’s ethos of “build it once, serve many” means that we build a solution once to ensure that we can reuse it many times for different outcomes. Our highly secure and robust solutions dramatically reduce cost and risk.

By partnering with Trusted Habitat, you enhance your digital business resources with our team of specialists. Our partnership approach delivers you peace of mind, and enables you to get the most from your in-house resources.

Trusted Habitat’s main objective is to provide the highest level of service and a positive experience for all our customers. Our aim is to relieve our customers of the costs, concerns and complexities of digital transformation and governance, risk and compliance – so you can spend more time focusing on managing and growing your core business.