Need a single point of accountability? With Trusted Habitat this is possible.

The Habitat Connect ecosystem enables the interconnection of data sources whilst preserving system integrity, confidentiality and legal rights. Whether the data that you want to share or connect to is internal or external to your organisation, Habitat Connect helps unlock your data assets and turn them into a powerful commodity which can be used to develop new partnerships, products and services and/or remove the barriers to digital transformation and agility.

Habitat Connect brings together the management of compliance, risk mitigation and IT in one place, addressing the headaches many organisations experience due to the perceived barriers to data sharing.

Underpinned by our key principles (Identity, Integrity, Accountability, Security, Traceability and Interoperability), when you work with Trusted Habitat you’ll benefit from:

  • Never losing ownership of your data
  • Turn key connection to the ecosystem
  • Dashboards that provide up to the minute information
  • Ease of sharing and consuming data which is compliant with governance, risk and compliance requirements
  • Full reporting of actions undertaken, either in the past or planned future changes (ie. Preparation for compliance with upcoming legislative change)
  • Traceability of transactions in real-time
  • Non-repudiation – Compliant, independent rule enforcement and management of risk associated with sharing data and being interconnected
  • Identity & role management

Contact us to have a more detailed discussion about the Habitat Connect ecosystem and whether a cloud or an ‘on premise’ solution is best suited to you.

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